Australian Succession Planning Company Celebrating Their Tenth Anniversary

Succession Plus, one of Australia’s most forward-thinking and innovative companies is proud to announce that they have recently celebrated ten years in business. The company which operates nationwide, delivering seminars and working predominantly with the baby boomer generation, has never been busier and is actively working on international expansion plans, with expansion into the United… Read More

Myth Busted: My employees won’t be interested in joining an Employee Share Ownership Plan

Often employers think that employees are not interested or wouldn’t want to be involved in the company’s employee share plan – nothing could be further from the truth. The academic research has regularly reported “strong support for the extrinsic satisfaction model of ESOP employee ownership: money matters.” It is also the case that employee ownership… Read More

What is keeping you awake at night?

Focusing on business succession and exit planning is often a matter of facilitating solutions to other more pressing problems first. We often ask our clients, “What’s keeping you awake at night? What’s worrying you? What are the issues that you are finding difficult to solve within the business (or otherwise)?”. If these pressing issues are unresolved… Read More

Accountants in Public Practice APES325 and Succession Planning – Physician, heal thyself!​

I spoke recently at a CA ANZ event on Business Succession and Exit Planning and was interested to hear the increased attention and focus on APES325 – Risk Management for Firms and specifically para 4.2 which includes “governance risks, business continuity risks (including succession planning), business and financial risks…”, all of which are key areas… Read More

Business Succession and Exit Planning Is Just Smart Business

Most business owners spend years (and blood and sweat and tears) building their business. And the research tells us that most never get to realise the value of the investment. WHY? Most business owners are control freaks and the business is dependent upon them. Most business owners do not empower employees, they hide info and… Read More

Accountants – It’s not about the numbers, it’s about value added advice

According to some of the latest research, accountants are both struggling to keep up with the level of  compliance work and facing a downturn in traditional accounting and tax (compliance) work – as systems become more automated and basic bookkeeping and accounting functions are simplified thru Xero and its competitors, then the old fashioned role… Read More